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 Posted: Mar 8 2014, 10:47 AM
21 years old
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the faq.
can my character be divergent? Yes. To a point. We know which canon characters are because the books told us. We are allowing no more than five original characters to be divergent. It's going to be a first come first serve basis and if you choose to be divergent please let the staff know. Once the five spots are filled you will have to wait for one to open or alter your character to not be divergent. Being divergent is dangerous and rare and most people that are found out die, please keep that in mind when making your characters.

can i make a factionless character? Sure. We'd love to see a few factionless running through the site. It gives the character great distinction among the others. Just make sure you tell us how and why they became factionless. They are supposed to be a larger group than the factions combined. We hope you do enjoy playing one if you so choose.

can i make a leader? Yes you can make a character that is a faction leader. There are a few named ones from the books but most were not truly known. If you want to make a faction leader just fill out the app and if accepted the staff will make that note. Every faction has to have someone that watches over them right?

can i make an o.c. related to a canon? This is a tricky answer. If the canon character puts up a wanted for a family member then yes. Otherwise the answer is no. You cannot just make a cousin, sister, daughter, etc of a canon character and expect that person to adapt their app to yours. It's not right and we won't allow it. If they have a wanted ad up for that character then yes, you can make one. Please note that we will be watching for this one especially.

What point of view should I write in? Third person please. It makes it much easier for people to read and it will flow better with everyone's writing.

How much is too much/little in a post? There's no such thing as too much for a post unless it's just a lot of fluff, however we ask that you write equal to what you were given, or at least half of it. Give your fellow RPer enough to work with and give back to you.

Do I have to post my RP sample in character? Original Characters do not need to place their sample "in character" meaning they do not need a sample of the character itself. They however need to make an RP sample for their first original character, but do not need a sample for their second character. Canon Characters must always have an RP Sample "in character", doesn't matter if it is their first, second, or third character they are making.

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