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Ara Posted on Mar 21 2014, 07:59 PM
site canons.
open. 16. abnegation.
anna sophia robb.
Miranda is one of the few people that transferred into Abnegation from somewhere else. She was a Candor transfer but felt like Candor wasn't the right world for her. She does't know hardly any of the other initiates because she never took the time to get to know them. She's a very perceptive young woman and it's very hard for her to keep her opinions to herself. Coming from Candor she's used to saying whatever she wanted but in Abnegation she cannot do that. She hopes that she didn't just make the worst mistake of her life giving up one faction for another.
open. 16. abnegation.
william mossley.
theodore was born and raised abnegation so it made sense to him to stay within the faction he knew so well. they were his family, his friends, his people. he's very bitter about the few that left, understanding that those that had chosen amity were probably the better of the few. he does not understand why the prior children left for different factions but he no longer likes them. he's still very much abnegation in his believes and actions but his own personal thoughts are not so much along the lines of their faction.
open. 16. amity.
anna speckhart.
sarah was born and raised in amity and she's proud to be an initiate here. she understands that peace and harmony are the only ways to get the problems of the world sorted out. in fact she wants to be a doctor. it's her way of trying to learn to give back to the community and help others. she's unsure really what's going on in the world around her simply because she hasn't actually stopped to notice. to her people switching factions isn't a problem. if that is what they choose then they are correct in their thoughts and beliefs. she's a little naive about the leaders and the plots that may be going around her.
open. 16. amity.
eddie redmayne.
tyler is an amity transfer. he wasn't originally from amity. he's from erudite originally. the book knowledge and the pressure that jeanine puts on people to help her weed out those that aren't worthy was too much for him. he doesn't want a life of scholarly pursuit. he wants a life of calm and peace. he just wants to be happy and he chose amity for that reason. he's given up everything he's ever known to transfer into a faction he isn't even sure is right for him. after all he didn't get amity on his aptitude test results.
open . age. candor leader.
clive owen.
desmond is one of the candor leaders. he's a sharp no-nonsense man that does exactly what he says. he sees the world in black and white and refuses to allow for shades of grey. he understands that without a firm hand most people wouldn't function. he also knows that complete honesty is hard to come by simply because everyone has a secret. he's got secrets too, what they are no one has yet to figure out. he will do anything to protect them and keep them safe. even if it means allying himself with a faction who's own views he disagrees with.
open . 16. candor.
camilla belle.
bethany was born and raised candor and choose it again. she was friends with christina but not super close. a lot of the candor girls knew each other, seeing as they lived near by but none of them were really truly best friends. at least not that they would let on too. she doesn't agree with the initiation process for candor but she also knows that she cannot stop it, at least not while still an initiate. her goal is to become a leader, to have the power to affect the change within her own faction, and then the others.
open . 16. candor.
boyd holbrook.
patrick is a faction transfer. originally from amity he switched to candor. he has always felt that honesty was better than trying to keep the peace. if you just allowed someone to be rude to you, to say hurtful things without being honest about it wasn't a good thing. he is very much a firm believer that if you don't share your thoughts and feelings and you let them fester inside of you then you are betraying your faction. he was never one for peace and holding his tongue, never will be.
open . 16. erudite.
lily cole.
morgan is not someone that anyone really wants to cross. she's born and raised erudite but it's more than that. she grew up around jeanine and is training to be her assistant when the time is right. she is just an initiate right now but she shares all the same views and beliefs that jeanine has. it's almost as if she's a little carbon copy of the erudite leader, only a red head instead of a blonde. she will let nothing stand in her way of passing and getting the chance to work with ms. matthews.
taken . 16. erudite.
liam hemsworth.
george is an erudite transfer. he's formerly from dauntless but didn't like their lifestyle. he would rather be found with his nose in a book than fighting or beating people up. he was actually happy to switch factions, and new knew that going to erudite would hurt his family less. not that he expects them to come visit him on visiting day. he has no idea what he's about to get himself into with this initiation especially with him being from dauntless. all he knows is that it's too late to change things.
Ara Posted on Mar 8 2014, 07:44 PM
the canons.
hey there! so you're interested in a book or site canon, great! you may reserve a canon for up to one week from date of registration. after that week is up, if you do not have your application up or have spoken to a staff member about an extension you will lose your reservation.

if there is a book canon we did not list, but you want to play, that's perfectly fine! just let us know who, and what playby you want to use and we'll add them to the canon list here. Please keep in mind that you must first get actual confirmation from a staff member in order to change a site canon face claim as they are no open faced claims.


book canons.
open. age. abnegation.
tony goldwyn.
andrew prior is the father of beatrice and caleb prior and he's the husband of natalie. he's a member of the abnegation council and one of the five leaders of the city. he's not an evil man by any means but he can be hard and judgmental. despite the fact that abnegation is supposed to be a selfless faction he often shows selfish traits at times. he's also got a bit of an anger problem when it comes to the erudite faction and his children. he's still a very good and strong leader for their group and is quite sure that both of his children will choose to be members of the faction they were born into during their choosing ceremony. he doesn't know that they plan to leave, that they plan to 'betray' the abnegation for another faction.
andrew prior.
open. age. abnegation.
ashley judd.
Natalie was born a member of the Dauntless faction. One wonders why she left considering just how free someone can be in a faction that values bravery. Well considering she's Divergent she was given the chance to find a safer faction and she did. Natalie left Dauntless for Abnegation where she married Andrew. She's got two children whom she loves very much. It's safe to say that whatever faction they choose she will support them, especially her daughter Beatrice. She understands the strange situation they find themselves in. Both children being old enough to choose and her not really being able to warn them about what it means to be divergent, about how to protect themselves and keep themselves safe.
natalie prior.
taken. 16. dauntless.
shailene woodley.
Born the daughter of an Abnegation leader, Beatrice never felt like she truly belonged in their faction. She knew she wasn't as selfless as they wanted her to be and a part of that worried her. Growing up she'd been indoctrinated into their ways of thinking and there was hardly any changing that. Now she's sixteen years old and she stands on the precipice of change. She has the chance to finally choose her faction, her new family. Her aptitude test gave her three choices, Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless. She would never join Eruidte, doesn't like them for their slanderous words against those she grew up with. So that leaves two options. Will choosing Dauntless be the thing that changes her world? Only time is going to tell if she manages to survive Dauntless or if her newly revealed Divergent status will hurt her.
beatrice prior.
open. 16. erudite.
ansel elgort.

Caleb is the only son to one of the Abnegation leaders and he's Beatrice's older brother. They are close enough that he's set to participate in the choosing ceremony as well. Only, everyone expects him to pick Abnegation. Out of the two children he's the one that seems to portray the faction characteristics the best. Yet he doesn't, he picks Erudite. It wouldn't be so bad if that wasn't the faction that was fighting with his own. Why did he feel the need to betray his family this way? Is his thirst for knowledge really that much more important than remaining with the family. What are his thoughts on watching his sister choose Dauntless? These are the things about Caleb that no one understands. The things he's kept to himself this whole time. Will Erudite change him for the better or the worse?

caleb prior.
taken. 45. erudite.
kate winslet.
Jeanine is the chosen leader for Erudite based on her I.Q. scores. She's a very smart woman who knows exactly what she wants. She's the sole reason for the war on Divergent, or at least the primary leader for it. With the power she wields for her faction it's not hard to get people to agree with her. Jeanine has traitors on the inside of every faction, people that are loyal to her and believe that the divergents need to be eliminated. What is she really afraid of? This is the question that is most often asked. Can she handle being something other than Erudite? Well obviously not since she managed to pass their faction test and now runs the place. Will she win?
jeanine matthews.
taken. 18. dauntless.
theo james.
Born Tobias, Four is the only son of Marcus. He was originally Abnegation but at his choosing he switched to Dauntless. He was the first to ever switch to that faction from Abnegation and was viewed as a traitor by many. That was two years ago. He managed to survive initiation and placed in first, with Eric in second. Instead of choosing a job as a leader he choose to work in the control room and train the new round of initiates. What no one knows is that he was Divergent. It should have been safer for him in the faction he was born into but it wasn't. Not with his father still around. During one part of the Dauntless initiation where they discover their fear's, it came out that Tobias only had four. From that moment he's been known as Four throughout the compound. Most people don't even remember his real name. He's waiting, right now, for a new batch of recruits and maybe for the one that will change his life.
tobias 'four' eaton.
open. age. abnegation.
ray stevenson.
Marcus is another one of the Abnegation leaders. He's the father of Tobias and felt betrayed that Tobias left Abnegation for Dauntless. Marcus is not a nice man. He seems that way to those that don't really know him but he's anything but nice. He used to abuse his only son trying to convince Tobias that it was for his own good. He's not the kind of person you can truly trust with your secrets and he's not as selfless as he should be. There are rumors that he's working with Jeanine Matthews to help weed out the divergent, but if this is true it hasn't been proven. All that is known is that Marcus is a leader and everyone in the Abnegation sector trusts him.
marcus eaton.
taken. 16. dauntless.
miles teller.
Peter is a Candor transfer into Dauntless. He's ruthless and pretty much evil. He doesn't really seem to care about anyone but himself and he refuses to acknowledge that there are people out there that are better than he is. He will start fights with other students and get away with it by blaming them. After all Candor's don't lie right? He's the kind if person that will kill to get ahead and have no qualms about it at all. Maybe that makes him perfect for Dauntless?
open. 16. dauntless.
zoe kravitz.
Christina is also a Candor transfer. She's pretty nice though. She often questions things around her, speaking her mind when she really shouldn't. It's not that it's easy. In Candor they are taught to always speak their mind, that honesty is the best way to go. In Dauntless it's different and she struggles with that. Her reasons for leaving Candor are her own but she finds Dauntless to be her new home and makes a few friends along the way, including Tris and Will. If you can over look the brash nature that comes from her being Candor you will find someone that is truly a good friend.
open. 16. dauntless.
ben lloyd-huges.
Will is an Erudite transfer. He's smart and kind and that sets him apart from some of the others. He's not one that really hates the Abnegation much like the other members of his former faction. Will is strong too. He's a perfect example of what Dauntless should be, in a way. He makes friends with people and he's protective of those he cares about. Out of the initiate class he's good friends with Tris, Al and Christina. He is sort of that person that you go too when you need someone to talk too. He's very much the person that gets in between the fights to try to break them up, without seeing too many people hurt. Overall Will is a good guy but no one knows why he left Erudite for Dauntless.
taken. 18. dauntless.
jai courtney.
Eric went through initiation at the same time Four did. He placed second overall just behind Four. He's resented Four since then. He's one of the Dauntless leaders, the youngest in fact. He's really an Erudite disguised as a Dauntless. Both a genius and a sadist. He's not the nicest person in the world and that is obvious. He doesn't take kindly to what he considers cowardice and it's because of him that a lot of the rules in Dauntless have changed. He doesn't adhere much to the original manifesto for Dauntless, instead choosing to forge his own path while leader. He wants to be the one in control, the one that everyone talks about and he will let his jealousy and pride consume him. Eric is not one to cross, even if by accident because he will make you pay for it.
open. 28. dauntless.
maggie q.
Tori is also a former Erudite that became Dauntless. She helps run the Tattoo shop and when she's not doing that she's helping to administer the aptitude testing for the Abnegations. She doesn't seem to have too much of a problem with Stiffs. She helps with this because she hopes to find a way to save those that are divergent like she was unable to save her brother. She's the one that realizes that Tris is divergent and reports the young girls test results manually as a way to try to save her. She doesn't want to see anyone else killed because of it. She is not divergent herself, but she has first hand experience because of her brother and often warns those she can about how dangerous it is to be what they are. Tori is a good woman who has been through a lot. She's got a hawk tattoo on her back, to remind her of the trials she's been through, and overcoming a fear.
tori wu.
open. age. dauntless.
mekhi phifer.
Max is one of the dauntless leaders. He's working closely with Jeanine for her plan to attack not only Abnegation but to eradicate the divergent. No one knows if he was born and raised in Dauntless and stayed there or if he was a transfer. Only he knows that. He's not a nice person, but that doesn't speak much for him. He wants Four to become a leader, and join in the rest of the group, since Four placed so high in his initiation stage. Max is the one that got the other dauntless leaders to agree to change the initiation rules, making it more brutal and competitive. He's not often seen much in the PIt or other places. He is the one that is usually there to get the initiates to jump from the building into the net but after that he's not often seen around. What he does in his 'free' time no one really knows. Just know that he is dangerous.
open. 16. dauntless.
christian madsen.
Al is another Candor transfer. He doesn't really belong in Candor and he doesn't really belong in Dauntless. He's a nice guy overall but he doesn't seem to have what it takes to be tough. He doesn't like to fight and doesn't understand why they have too learn to shoot guns or throw knives to be part of the faction. He wanted to switch to Dauntless because he looked up to them and he felt like his parents would be disappointed if he didn't but he's not exactly cut out for it. Al isn't physically weak by any means but he is emotionally.
open. 18. dauntless.
justine wachsberber.
Lauren is a Dauntless-born Dauntless member. She's also the dauntless-born initiate trainer. She's there to greet them as they drop from the net. What she does in her spare time no one really knows. There isn't much that she reveals about herself but she's pretty well known in Dauntless. Maybe even a part of Four's training class but that isn't known either. All that is known is what she wants people to see. She's outspoken and outgoing and it makes her perfect for Dauntless.
open. 16. dauntless.
ben lamb.
Edward is an Erudite transfer. He's very smart and quite loveable too. He studied fighting for fun and that sets him apart from the other initiates and gives him an advantage. Edward keeps to himself mostly, when he's not spending time with his girlfriend Myra. He's not weak by any means and shows it from the start. Edward is very intelligent and is perfect for Dauntless. Though why he chose to come here no one really knows. What were his motivations for switching factions? That is what a lot of people ponder.
open. 16. dauntless.
amy newbold.
Molly is a Candor transfer and a right bitch to be honest. She doesn't care about anyone's feelings or emotions. She will say whatever she can to demean someone and gets by with it because she's Candor. She doesn't like being beaten in anything and will do whatever she can to win, much like Peter. She's a dangerous young woman who can hurt people in more ways than they realize. It's not always about the physical pain she can bring someone, it's about the emotional pain. She doesn't like that no one really likes her and she hates anyone that stands in her way.

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