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Posted by: Robin Feb 22 2014, 01:14 PM
the rules.
i. Please register with your characters name or nickname in proper case for example Beatrice Prior, Tris Prior, or Four. If you make a mistake that's alright simply edit the account under your controls and a staff member will approve the change. We realize that not everyone's last name was given in the books. You are welcome to simply register with a nickname or simply their first name. If you wish to make up a last name for them you may.

ii. We ask that you at least have an avatar for your account. Avatars should be no bigger or smaller than 250x400 in size. Signatures will not be used on the board and will be turned off, so no need to worry about them. Also, the only gifs we will be allowing on the site are the ones in the hover for your mini-profile and in the gif game we will set up in the OOC section.

On the note of templates, the site will provide you with options for post templates as well as shippers and trackers. Please use them. They were created for the purpose of making things easier on our members, as well as to keep the focus more on the writing.

Any offensive images used anywhere on the board will be removed by staff and you will receive a warning. Please keep things pretty for us.

iii. Upon registration you have seven days to finish your application. Any applications not finished within seven days of registration, unless discussed with an admin, will be deemed inactive and archived. If you want to take a canon character we ask that you reserve them before working on an application. If you do not reserve and someone else does, the first shot for that character will go to whoever reserved.

iv. Posting is something that drives a site forward. We are a no word count site which means that we do not have a set number of words that you must hit to post. What we do ask, however, is that you try to at least match what the person you are posting with gave you. We understand that sometimes they may give you one thousand words and you can't reach that. As long as you give them enough to work with for a reply then that is fine. Any questions about posting can be directed to a staff member.

v. Activity is also a factor that drives a site. We ask that you be able to post at least once a week. We really don't want to see character sitting there without any threads. Once you are accepted and have done your claims you will be expected to post within the first week after acceptance. Failure to do so may result in a message from the staff. If there's any issues that come up with you not being able to post please either post an away for us or contact one of us and let us know. We would hate for anyone to lose a character because they just vanished.

vi. One final note on applications. Canon applications must have their RP sample in character. It is to help the staff see that you have a good feel for the character you're applying for. Original characters do not need their RP samples to be in character, but they may be if you want them to be.

vii. Respect the admins. We created this site because of our love for the Divergent series and as a place for you to have fun. Do not try to put one of us against the other we will know. If you have an issue please bring it to the attention of the staff and allow us a chance to resolve it. If we feel that you are trying to pit one of us against the other to get your way there will be consequences. Just don't. Respect us and we will respect you. Same goes with members. Respect each other and everything will be wonderful.

Posted by: Ara Mar 24 2014, 02:58 AM
cbox rules.
i. We ask that everyone registers their name in the cbox upon their characters being accepted into the RP. Makes it look pretty and keeps from having double names.

ii. We ask that you please do not spam the cbox with advertisements for other boards. If you wish to advertise, we have a forum for that. That's the place to do it.

iii. Any problems with an app - aside from general questions on help with coding need to be done in PM or via messenger. If a member has a problem with changes the staff has asked them to make, please let the staff know and you will be pulled into a private chat. The cbox is not a place to do this.

iv. Please guys, keep everything PG-13. You never know what may or may not offend others or how young your fellow RPers might be. We are also affiliated with some sites that do not allow for mature content and so they will revoke our ad if they happen to see anything that does not comply to their restrictions.

v. Be mindful of what you say to others in teasing. Text is hard to translate as to if you are teasing or not. Something you say may be taken the wrong way by someone it's aimed at.

vi. Drama will not be tolerated at all in the cbox. It's fine to have it in character, but that does not need to transfer OOC. If we find that someone has a problem with another member for this reason, we will pull that member aside. If someone is bullying you or making comments that make a member uncomfortable please come to an admin and we will handle it. We won't know about it unless we're there or you tell us!

Finally If any of the above rules are broken, you will be warned. If it happens a second time, you will be banned from the cbox for a certain amount of time. If once your ban has been lifted you still happen to break our rules, you will be permanently banned from the cbox and the site.

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