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 Glossary of Terms
 Posted: Feb 22 2014, 07:19 PM
years old

the glossary.
aptitude testing. At the age of sixteen all eligible young men and women are forced to undertake an aptitude test. The point of this test is to help someone choose a faction. A person enters the room, is injected with the simulation serum and strapped into a metal chair. From here the aptitude test giver, can control the simulation that the person is in. During the simulation a person is given a series of events that, depending upon their choices, rule out one faction or another.

choosing ceremony. The ceremony itself takes place a day after the Aptitude testing. Everyone goes to the hub and joins in the ceremony. The room is arranged so that everyone should have a clear view of what's happening. The room is in concentric circles with. The inner circle contains the rows where the families sit, the last circle or the stage area, contains five metal bowls each holding a substance representing the factions. Gray stone for Abnegation, water for Eruidte, earth for Amity, lit coals for Dauntless and glass for Candor. There are also knives, one for each children. The names of the children will be called in reverse alphabetical order starting with Z and ending in A. When each name is called, the child will step forward, grab a knife, and cut the palm of their hand. Then they will drop some of their blood into the bowl that represents the faction of their choosing. From this moment out they become initiates of that factions, or members-in-training.

divergent. Divergence is the tendency to diverge from the norm which is, the mindset and way of thinking the factions are meant for. If your aptitude test reveals a faction choice of more than one, you are considered divergent. It's very dangerous to be labeled as divergent. They cannot be controlled by the current methods of mind control and often when in a simulation realize that it is in fact a simulation. They also have the ability to manipulate the simulation where someone who was not divergent would not have that power. Being divergent often means death, if you aren't careful to hide it.

initiate, initiation. Every chosen sixteen year becomes an initiate of the faction they chose and must prove themselves worthy. Failure is not an option because it means badness. Each faction has their own version of initiation for their new round of recruits. No one really knows the details of the other factions' rituals unless you grew up in that faction before your choosing.

factionless. There are a group of people who are not welcome into any of the factions. They are often homeless and barely ever have any food or decent clothing. They take the worst jobs like driving garbage trucks, or working in the factories. Many of the factionless are that way because they didn't successfully finish their chosen faction's initiations. Some have left their factions because they no longer agreed with the views of the faction they chose. There are more factionless than people even realize.

the bus. Aside from walking it is one of the only form of travel that the Abnegation and many other take from place to place. Normally back and forth to school, work or to the Choosing Ceremony.

the hub. A center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate: a focus of activity, authority, commerce, transportation etc. it's formerly known as Willis Tower and is the location of the Choosing Ceremony for those of age. All factions come together here, in this one location to watch the eligible children choose a faction.

the fence. Exactly what it sounds like. It's a chain length fence with barbed wire that stretches as far as anyone can see. It's patrolled by Dauntless guards and it keeps the animals out and only allows in Amity vehicles in and out of the city.

the marsh. A now dried up lake. The fence was built in the middle of it to keep the city safe. While the water has dried up a long while ago the area is still wet and muddy. It's not safe to be alone in the marsh.

the train. This is the main source of transportation for the Dauntless. No know knows where they stop and start. They are always running and travel all over the city. It is possible to get from one sector to another in one train.

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