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Posted by: Robin Feb 22 2014, 01:14 PM
the plot.
It's been one hundred years since a war ripped our world apart. The city has been divided into five factions that values a certain trait over the other. Each year a group of young men and woman, upon reaching the age of sixteen, must choose which faction they wish to remain a part of. It doesn't always end up being the one they were born into.

Abnegation The selfless.
Amity The peaceful.
Candor The honest.
Dauntless The brave. And
Erudite The intelligent.

Just like every year before, there's another round of sixteen year old young men and women standing and waiting for their chance to choose their fate. This year though there seems to be something new. One of the young ones waiting to choose her fate is divergent. She's different, and being different can be dangerous in this world. Both she and her classmates must choose wisely. For her, she must hide among the factions or risk being found. For the others if they don't make it through initiation of their chosen faction they will be cast out and become factionless. A fate that quite a few in this world consider worse than death. Stand tall and proud but think hard about your choice, for the moment your blood touches the bowl there is no going back. What are you going to be? Are you brave enough for Dauntless? Selfless enough for Abnegation? Peaceful enough for Amity? Honest enough for Candor? Or intelligent enough for Erudite?

How Angels Fall is an AU Divergent RP set right after Tris and her classmates go through their Choosing Ceremony. We use the events of the books as a guideline but leave it up to the players to write their own stories among their factions.

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