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 Between You and Me, Edmund
Ariel Burk
 Posted: May 8 2014, 06:15 PM
18 years old
Or is it that you mean tougher to get to know? Perhaps he has you screaming his name every night in a wild animal like frenzy, but you can't combat it because you beg for it. Perhaps you need it? To feel that small bit of ecstasy that makes you feel alive. It could simply be the fact that you need it because it's your drug, your personal addiction that your not willing to give up because without it you'd shatter like a porcelain doll, bare and open and naked for everyone to see. His harshness is what brings you to the moaning filthy feeling afterwards, but yet you need it, you need it to feel protected, because you, yourself are a weak boy, a soft little teddy bear who feels he is not worth the mans time of day. So you cling to whatever you can get to fit in.
I met him out for dinner on a Friday night He really had me working up an appetite He had tattoos up and down his arm There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm He's a one stop shop, makes the panties drop He's a sweet-talkin', sugar coated candy man A sweet-talkin', sugar coated candyman.

Being a man in this day and age was hard for sure. Mostly in this society, and being Ariel, meant it was just that much harder. He was used to jumping off buildings, free running, climbing buildings, all the insane daring acts that no one else int he world would dare attempt, he was the dauntless dare devil, in his own words at least. It was something he took pride in, being the one man in all of dauntless who was stupid enough to do such things. Nothing stood in the way of Ariel Burk, no one, not one person could stop him from doing insanely stupid and getting himself hurt. At least that is how he felt before actually getting feelings for people. The moment he got empathy for others and unlocked the chest of mind he had become much more aware. He didn't want to do these extreme dangerous stunts at the effect of how it could hurt other people. Well it wasn't that it would hurt other people, it would be that he would be breaking promises to his friends, primarily Dylan and Edmund.

His promise to Dylan was much different than the one he had for Edmund. Ariel promised Dylan that he'd be there for him when he needed him, which apparently was somewhat frequently. It was just something about Dylan that he couldn't say no to. Then there was Edmund's promise, the one that popped up when Edmund decided to test his boundaries with Ariel trying to stay chaste. After he told Edmund to shave, the boy refused, and Ariel told him he'd up regretting something, and that lead to the whole promise to be Edmund's first when he hit sixteen. Which in all honesty was hard for Ariel, but he was a man of his word. As much as he didn't think he was attracted to Edmund he was. Maybe it was because of how small and adorable Edmund was? It could be various other things, but Edmund in general was a good friend to him, even with the small age gap.

Ariel knew it was weird, and he couldn't fully understand it, but he got clingy to the boy. Sharing a bed with him once ruined him completely. Due to his fear of the dark, sleeping was rather difficult because he couldn't sleep with the lights on, but yet feared the dark. So when Edmund slept in his bed for a night Ariel enjoyed it. When the smaller man fell asleep Ariel ended up clinging to him. Hugging him, because it was his body's natural reaction to want to be comforted in fear, and the warmth of someone else to sleep with. Not in the sex manner, but it was always a plus, but in the nice warm snugly kind. Ariel found that Edmund's smaller body fit into his perfectly, nice and snug fit in his arms, and the curves of their bodies matched, even the little guy's body seemed to enjoy it. As much as Ariel liked sleeping with Dylan, it wasn't as nice as sleeping with Edmund, because there was no waiting until they were drunk again, Ariel if he wanted to could just have Edmund over again if he wanted to.

It wasn't just the sharing of his bed, but he got the strange fluttery, sinking feelings that he got when he had Edmund. Ariel really didn't understand it not did he want to at the moment. He just knew that he liked being around the tiny guy. Besides the boy seemed troubled, confused, and purely innocent, which was going to be something Ariel was going to help him with. He was going to help Edmund grow up a bit more, become less dependant on his family for things, to be the man he is instead of the boy people perceived him to be. Ariel knew it was a little out of the way for Edmund, but he figured the Navy Pier would be a good place to just drink around privately and have some alone time with each other. With his few bottles of whiskey and rum, and a box of beer he waited for Edmund with a smile.

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